BCT International Videos Ltd, produces 4K video production worldwide for Weddings, Events and Commercial clients. We pride ourselves in attention to detail, bespoke videos and cater for clients who are wanting the personal touch and a memorable film to cherish forever. Countries covered and recommended to date: UK, Caribbean islands, Indian Ocean islands and USA.


Starting in Radio, Bryony quickly found her passion for video production and worked in America and London at prestigious TV studios. 

After Bryony had honed her craft, BCT was born. Now in 2021, BCT has been in business for over 13 Years. 

During this time, Bryony has focused more on producing the perfect wedding visuals for couples in the UK, Mauritius, Barbados and more. Alongside this, offers to present for TV and commercial work when required.

When not working, Bryony spends time with her partner and their gorgeous children, where they make lots of memories and travel the world (as much as possible and Covid dependant!). 

Contact Bryony to book your free Wedding consultation.

the team


We understand that sometimes, it takes more than one person to do a job to the highest standard! This is why at BCT International Videos Ltd, we have a team of professional videographers, photographers and assistants, that provide the highest quality camera work. This ensures that your day is captured from every angle, perfectly. 

At BCT International Videos Ltd, we know the importance of booking your wedding venue.


As a result, we have a list of venues where the establishment personally recommends BCT International Videos Ltd and likewise BCT International Videos Ltd recommends such wedding venues:

Dorset/Hampshire, UK:

5* Beaulieu Palace House: https://www.beaulieu.co.uk

5* Sopley Mill: www.sopleymill.com

4* Haven Hotel: https://www.fjbhotels.co.uk/haven-hotel/weddings/

London/Guildford, UK:

5* Gate Street Barn: www.gatestreetbarn.com

Barbados, Caribbean:

5* The Abidah by Accra: www.theabidahhotel.com

5* Accra Beach Hotel & Spa: http://www.accrabeachhotel.com

5* Bellevue Plantation Barbados: http://bellevuebarbados.com