We can film any event or occasion in a personalised way, which can help boost your business revenue. 

We cater for all needs, whether it is festival, boxing event, small or large business, we provide services to match.

We capture the key details which your product or event is providing and create a bespoke video to match and help target your specific target audience.

You may choose to have your product filmed both on the ground and aerial videography, along with presenters ready to explain your product and to help intcise others to buy into your product or event. 




We can offer a range of services of videography and photography to capture your property or venue.

Do you have a hotel which needs video/photo content? Do you have a property agency or holiday home company who has properties to let? 

We can help you promote your properties or venues to sell whether for hotel stays, selling properties or advertising services. 

BCT International Videos has worldwide experience in assisting many companies market their properties in an affective and creative way.




Bryony has years of worldwide experience presenting both on the radio and in front of the camera; whether it is for TV or advertising a product to camera. 

With 19 years of experience presenting and a breadth of knowledge marketing wise, we would be more than happy to help you within these different mediums. 


If you have a product that needs to be advertised, get in touch and we can talk through different ideas to create a bespoke video for you. 

We can help you promote your product, which would excel sales and create professional advertisement. 


At BCT International Videos Ltd, we understand that sometimes there needs to be a little extra to make sure your video is bespoke and tailored for you. This is why we have formulated add-ons to our packages, to ensure your dream visuals are catered to.

4k drone footage


additional albums 


add PHOTO/video

Man Holding Camera